Diana Airbug Suppressor

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Diana Airbug Suppressor

  • 3d printed in Polycarbonate plastic in the US by veteran-owned business
  • Uses 7 cone-shaped baffles and expansion chamber to significantly reduce report
  • Easy install. Just press on by hand after removing muzzle cap/front sight post
  • Available with or without front sight post. Choose your option before adding to cart
  • FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS
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This suppressor was designed exclusively for the Diana Airbug. It is 3d printed in black Polycarbonate. It is compatible with both .177 and .22 calibers. Check out the cross section below:

To install you must remove the metal cap on the end of the Airbug barrel before pressing this suppressor on by hand. You will need a 2mm or 5/64″ allen key  to remove the set screw that secures the cap from underneath. It should be a press fit for most folks, but if it is loose or gets loose over time you may need to use silicone or medium (blue) threadlocker to keep it in place. If it affects accuracy, you can easily open up the internal diameter with a drill or round file until there is no clipping.

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With Front Sight Post, No Front Sight Post

7 reviews for Diana Airbug Suppressor

  1. mykel1969 (verified owner)

    substantial noise reduction! I was impressed. I bought this with the tactical conversion for the airbug mostly for the looks, as I have no neighbors. However I love how quiet the gun is now. you hear the action more than the report. Well done Sir! I have had some experience 3d printing and I will say your way better than me at it!!

  2. Bill Z (verified owner)

    Add me to the list of those very happy with the Airbug suppressor. It was just a tad loose and I have it “loctited” on where it joins the barrel and, so far, so good. I can comfortably go out into my backyard and “plink away ” and no one seems to be aware of that. Previously, the uncovered barrel was quite noisy and everyone seemed aware of my endeavors. I am a happy camper and want to extend my thanks to all at Buck Rail for the wonderful solution (s). Keep up the great work and caring, evident by the fast shipping and very reasonable prices and a product that actually works! Nice to see and I hope things remain favorable going forward! Bill

  3. Ari Stein (verified owner)

    Moderator works great. Substantial sound suppression performance.

    Was a tight fit but moved a little when I shot it.

    So I used a dremel to put a small starter hole in the suppressor approximately where the hole was on the original.

    then drilled up to 9/64, just smaller than the set-screw removed from the original airbug muzzle brake/front sight.

    Then used the original set-screw to tighten it into place. really happy with my purchases from buck-rail.com

    Word to wise have the seam at the bottom.

  4. thomas rockhill (verified owner)

    I purchased this probably about a month ago I put it on and the first shot I took a blew the compressor off 📴 so I picked it up and brought it in the house looked at the barrel and then I looked on the inside of the compressor and I could see at the end there was like threads on it the compressor sits up against a groove on the barrel where the front sight used to mount so I took some Scotch tape and made about one and a half turns around the barrel put the compressor on and screwed it on in the same direction the tape goes and that fix it, the compressor stayed on and never came off again my Diana airbag 17 caliber was extremely loud not backyard friendly crack more like a little louder than a 22 this compressor quieted this gun down about 95% the difference is like night and day, for the price you can’t go wrong

  5. David Hampel

    Very happy customer, looking to add a scope to my Diana Chaser next. Need a adaptor to the scope rings , any ideas?

  6. David M (verified owner)

    It is very cool looking not really sure how much it actually cut down on the noise? Maybe a little It looks like steel, but is plastic so it is lighter. For 18$ what the heck why not.
    I think I will take it off each time to fit the pistol back in the case, so it may get loose after a while, time will tell.
    Nice to see small USA company’s making niche renovated stuff.

  7. Fred (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever wanted a moderator but didn’t want to pay big bucks for a threaded adapter and machined suppressor than the Buck-Rail is the one to get. 3D printed very nicely. Exact fit on my Airbug barrel. Wiped the barrel end with oil and tapped it on. Very solid and tight fit. Definitely moderates the firing noise of the pistol. Not super quiet but lowers it enough to where I can use it in the backyard without attracting attention. Did not affect the grouping size of my shots or pellet velocity and just a few clicks on my Red Dot sight to get back to POI center. Looks good on the Airbug. Very inexpensive and well worth the cost.

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