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It’s Getting Real

It’s Getting Real

Hey folks. Just a quick update and recap of my first two weeks as a “free man”. First off, let me say that it hasn’t been what I expected. I should have expected that. Shipping is nightmarish, power is currently out as I type this, and I just got word that a new business has been started by someone who’s printing and selling our products. He’s even using the same pictures! It’s a crazy world we’re living in. But… Orders are flooding in, feedback has been outstanding, and I’ve received tons of encouragement from you, our awesome customers. Thank you! It’s been a humbling experience.

Evening of November 10th and Veterans Day Shipments

I haven’t taken your support for granted and I’m working hard to develop new products. Our Benjamin P-Rod Suppressor is coming out next. Then the AirForce Suppressor. I’ve designed an M-Rod suppressor, but I’m waiting for my Fortitude(because it’s cheaper) to come in so I can test it. I’ve also designed an Akela Suppressor and Tri-Rail, Avenger Suppressor, and Gauntlet Suppressor that will be coming down the line very soon as well.

I’ve gotten many requests and I intend to follow through on most of them, Deo Volente.

Here are some of the things on my list:

  • 357 suppressor
  • Crosman forearm
  • Crosman Grips
  • Diana Chaser/Bandit Adjustable Stock
  • Diana Chaser Stock
  • Diana Tri-Rail
  • Crosman Barrel 1/2 UNF Adapter
  • PFAM9B Suppressor
  • M14x1.0 LH Suppressor
  • QB78 Suppressor
  • 2240 Suppressor w/Front Sight Post(I know…)
  • Benjamin 392/397 Optic Mounts
  • 15mm Barrel Suppressor

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


14 thoughts on “It’s Getting Real

  1. So, let me confess, I messed up. I ordered the Diana Chaser pistol and should have ordered the Pistol Kit, or whatever you call the one that can be converted to the rifle…. I hate the pistol’s grip, horrible for my hand. I can send it back, that’s no problem, but if you are going to make a shoulder stock I would be inclined to keep it, buy your stock, and worry about a longer barrel later.

    Will it be fixed, or adjustable? For me, fixed is fine….

    Any chance you have an ETA on the Chaser shoulder stock, I am really looking forward to seeing it.

    Thanks in advance,
    Heart of Dixie

  2. Its an absolute shame that there are “bandits” out there stealing your hard work, even your pictures, and selling your work as their own. People like that are lowlifes. No pride in what a hard day’s work means. Being your own boss is great and terrifying all at the same time. Sometimes it’s sink, other times its swim. Just don’t let the sink drag you on down. Just look at all the customers you’ve already made very happy. I’m one! And i will be again. Not only are your products dead on, they are also extremely fair and reasonable. Plus the biggest thing in all of this, you yourself are an airgunner. That goes a long way in this community. I know I’m not the only one who wants to know who the rip off artist is. But rest assured, your previous customers will be your future customers. You made a name for yourself with excellent products. Things that NO other vendors offer. Keep your head high, and don’t stop creating. Good luck to you good sir.


  3. Feel free to use any of the pics I sent .Maybe put up a post to gauge customer interest in the Crosman A4Pistol stock.

  4. I meant to say forearm opps

  5. I will be buying everything you have for the 1322 in due time but looking forward to the grips. The plumper pumper looks good but I know you can do better. Lucky I found this web site! Im recommending you to everyone.

    1. Thanks for the support Nick! It’s much appreciated.

  6. The 14×1 LH will be your best return on investment .Think ALL the Crosman AR series. (and a few more)
    I need 3 + .
    A Diana collapsible (AR) stock will be a real winner . Don’t sweat the grip .
    Just make it compatible to the AR grips. We can buy what we want to use.

    See the private e-mail I sent u yesterday…..

    1. Mike, got it. Very interesting stuff. I’m on it. Thanks for reaching out to JC by the way. He gave me a call. Stand up guy.

  7. Prod suppressor, Diana stocks oh yeh. Can’t wait. Good luck from Wisconsin. Snowing now.

    1. Thank you Bruce. Stay warm!

  8. That’s awesome Terry!! I’ll be ordering the adjustable chaser stock and more stuff for my 2240s and bandit, & chasers…thanks for what you do for us and also thank you for your service !! You exemplify what this country is really about…free enterprise, hard work and to enjoy the grits of your labor..THANKS!!

    1. Thank you very much!

  9. I’d love to have an adjustable stock on my .25 Bandit! I already own your Prod stock and love it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you kind Sir. I should be able to make that happen. I’ve already cooked one up, but it just needs a little refinement.

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