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13XX Silencers Back by Popular Demand

13XX Silencers Back by Popular Demand!

I get at least an email a day about this silencer. That is good and that is bad. Good because folks are interested in buying my products and bad because I am putting too much time into not selling them. I’ve gone back and forth about relisting them. They were my babies for a little while, but they started to turn on me when I established a limit for how much time I allotted to them. Full disclosure, I ended up having to talk folks through the install a lot. Not everyone read the description or watched the video. And not everyone knows their way around a hammer. If that’s you, I forgive you. And if that’s not you, from the bottom of my toes, thank you. Better yet, thank you both …but to varying degrees. So I’ve basically decided that it would be better to answer emails WITH a sell rather than WITHOUT. They’re back up for sale until I get worn out again. I would do well to remember that these are good problems to have.

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


2 thoughts on “13XX Silencers Back by Popular Demand

  1. I’m glad to hear you are selling them again. Too bad people who are shooting these dont know how to do an easy installation. I’m gonna be ordering one for my .177 and some stuff for a new 2240XL I got. Thanks Terry!!

  2. VERY EASY to install.If U have a problem U may not know where the bread goes in a toaster when U make toast.

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