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Update 7/25/21: AirForce TalonP Accessories

Update 7/25/21: AirForce TalonP, Condor, and Texan Accessories

The AirForce TalonP with adjustable stock, upgraded pistol grip, forearm with picatinny mount, suppressor, bipod, and high mount 4×32 scope.

I’ve been working on this for a while now and have finally come up with a few things I can feel good about. Some of the parts include a more ergonomic pistol grip, thicker forearm with picatinny rail, and a sleek adjustable buttstock. These should be compatible with the other Airforce PCP airguns of this platform.

The Adjustable Buttstock

The adjustable buttstock slips over the aluminum air cylinder. It is held in place by two steel non-marring nylon tipped set screws. It give you from a 10-1/2″ to 14″ LOP. It is printed in two parts and bolted together with two stainless socket head cap screws and nuts.

The Forearm

The improved forearm is longer, wider, and taller. It feels better in the hand and looks less like a sausage than the stock forearm. I’ve also added a picatinny style rail for a bipod, laser, flashlight, etc. It will come with a longer countersunk screw to replace the shorty that secured the stock sausage… I mean, forearm.

The Pistol Grip

The stock pistol grip isn’t terrible, but it definitely had room for improvement. I’ve made the new grip more ergonomic. It will install using the same screw that secured the stock pistol grip.

I’m trying to get plenty of them printed before I list them, but expect these to be available very soon! Thanks for lookin! -Terry

8 thoughts on “Update 7/25/21: AirForce TalonP Accessories

  1. Are the Talon P accessories available?

    1. Hello Jesse. Yes they are. I released the grip, forearm, and suppressors, but I never released the buttstock. If you just type “Talon” in the shop search it’ll pull them up.

  2. I want one now…. Very nice design and clean lines.

  3. I think you nailed it with the AirForce accessories. I really want to get a forearm and a grip. I’m signing up for your blog so maybe you can post when they’re available to purchase.

  4. This updates are really the best ones i have seen so far. How do you know what i want to have in my next Airgun? I’m thinking of a AirForce Talon SS. This will be a well welcome round up to that whole Airgun Platform. Well done.

  5. That’s a great- rather, the best yet, shoulder stock design. No weighty linkages, so, very lightweight, but very adjustable. It looks right, thanks for showing.

  6. Need to specify the DIAMETER of the tank for the The Adjustable Buttstock.

    1. Thanks for the helpful feedback! I’ll definitely do that when I list them.

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