Red Ryder Folding Bipod and Adapter


Daisy Red Ryder Folding Bipod and Adapter

  • Adapter made exclusively for the Daisy Red Ryder in the USA
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
  • Folding legs spring-lock into upright position and collapsed position
  • Rubber feet provide for a  more secure footing
  • Spring loaded legs extend 2″ and absorb shock from movement
  • FREE SHIPPING within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS


This is a 8″ Tactical Folding Bipod and adapter for the Daisy Red Ryder.

This universal bipod has a low-profile sturdy design with the least moving parts possible. It’s the perfect size for the Daisy Red Ryder(8″ or 10″ when extended), but is compatible with many other airguns and rifles. It can be switched from the folded position to the upright extended position with one hand. It locks securely into position using a spring loaded posi-lock locking mechanism.  The feet are made from durable rubber and provide for a comfortable non-slip footing.

This bipod is a great addition to the Daisy Red Ryder, especially for younger kids shooting for extended periods of time. It also helps a lot to stabilize the gun while they focus on sight picture, position, and breathing without being overwhelmed by an unsteady gun. It also looks super cool and makes them feel like they have a more tactical rifle and gets them excited about shooting.


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