1/2-20 UNF Suppressor

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1/2-20 UNF Suppressor

  • Designed to be compatible with 1/2-20 UNF male threads
  • Choose from .177/.22, .25, or .30 caliber before adding to cart.
  • 3d printed in Polycarbonate plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business
  • Utilizes high quality EZ Lok steel inserts for extra durable threads
  • 7 cone-shaped interior baffle design with large muzzle exit expansion chamber
  • Dramatically reduces the report without diminishing accuracy or muzzle velocity
  • FREE Shipping within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS




This silencer is 3d printed in super tough Polycarbonate plastic. It features 7 cone-shaped baffles with an expansion chamber at the muzzle exit. The threads are reinforced with a 1/2″-20 steel solid-walled EZ Lok insert. It was was originally tested with the Walther Parrus .177 Caliber Rifle and Crosman 2240XL, but is meant to be compatible with any 1/2″-20 threaded airgun muzzles and adapters and has since been used on many high-powered PCPs. You can select from .177/.22, .25, or .30 caliber options. Please note that the 30 caliber suppressors are not tapered (see below). For some, it may be necessary to drill out the baffles slightly to prevent pellet clipping and accuracy issues. This can be done with minimal affect on report suppression. If you are not comfortable with that please do not purchase.

View the video below for more info:

PLEASE NOTE: This suppressor has been improved since publishing this video. I have added a honeycomb texture to the exterior, changed from helical insert to solid-wall EZ Lok insert, and increased internal volume without changing overall length or outside diameter.


Take a look inside the .177/.22 model section below:


Here’s a look at the .30 model section. The suppressor diameter is 1.46 inches and the length is 6.25 in:

Additional information

Weight2.4 oz
Dimensions6.25 × 1.25 × 1.25 in

.177 or .22 Caliber, .25 Caliber, .30 Caliber

26 reviews for 1/2-20 UNF Suppressor

  1. William (verified owner)

    I watched this on air gun detectives, and ordered one for my Beeman buildup .22cal it was to loud and not really back yard friendly but is now ! I will order one more for another air rifle that is to loud in .22 cal also , thx, good job !

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    This unit is exceptionally efficient. I don’t have a db meter, but I can say without a doubt that this effectively halves (or better) the report of a PCP airgun. Quality product at an unbeatable price, easily worth double the amount. Incredible value.

  3. mcc.darkstar@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Unbelievably quiet moderator. Quality is outstanding. I can’t believe it’s only $25.

    This is something I’m proud to own.

    Looks great on my BSA gold star SE. Thank you for producing this product and I wish you and your family the best.

  4. Frank (verified owner)

    Wow moderator works great on my .22 commander cuts down the db by 50 percent no clipping or accuracy problems, well worth the 25 dollars 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. chuck nolan (verified owner)

    I received my suppressor for 2240 XL I could not be more pleased. It is not easy to find these with the right threads, the right size I’m so glad I found Buck-rail. I will certainly be buying from you more in the future. If you have 2240 XL and you want a suppressor reasonably priced, your search is over. Buy this suppressor.

  6. dXe (verified owner)

    Just spent the afternoon sighting in my 2240xl with my Buckrail LDC. Very pleased. Planning my next buckrail order now.

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    Pleased with my purchase, fits my Umarex Origin perfectly, have only dry fired, but noise reduction was amazing, and for the cost, a real bargin, looks good on my rifle too, fast shipping to boot, lower weight than the more expensive competitors, which in hunting senerios is a plus.

  8. mike+lux

    I have a 1/2 dozen of these on my airguns and I’ll buy a few more .
    Terry’s stuff is FIRST RATE ! Buy lots before the word gets out and he up’s his prices….

  9. Gary Blain (verified owner)

    Great company to deal with.. fast shipping, great prices. Every item we have purchased has worked awesome.
    We are a repeat customer.

  10. Gary Blain

    We have purchased 880,901,35 Daisy rifle suppressor. Daisy 1332 pistol. Screw on for our Walter Purrus . Ever item we have purchased has been 100 % awesome. Don’t wait get your orders in today. You can’t beat their prices.

  11. TImothy (verified owner)

    I threaded one of these on my Walther Parrus .177 break barrel. It’s one of my favorite rifles, but it has a hell of a bark, particularly with a light pellet. With the silencer, the only thing you hear is the action.

    So I wasn’t tempted to grip the silencer while cocking and snap the moderator, I braided anout 4″ of paracord under the sight group, over a base of 3M foam tape. It gives a nice, secure hold, preserves the finish and looks quite tactical.

    For the price, it’s a great item. Does the job. Looks badass.

  12. John Odvar (verified owner)

    This suppressor is exactly what I was looking for. With everything being so expensive anymore I was blown away when I stumbled upon this gem. I wanted to suppress my .22 Air Venturi Avenger and this works like a charm. I will be ordering another to put onto my Sig Virtus once I get an adapter. Don’t hesitate to buy it though, for $25 you won’t be disappointed!

  13. James Tresler (verified owner)

    Excellent fit for my Crosman 2240XL. It’s now a quiet, indoor-friendly plinker.

  14. Kyle

    What can I say besides this is a great product for a great price. Dude found a niche and filled it. Gun is now whisper silent. The one thing I’d have to say is that it’s a little fragile. I snapped one of mine (my fault). Now I wrapped it in a thick layer of duct tape and it’ll hold up much better.

  15. mike lux

    I bought 4 of these as they will fit on anything that is 1/2-20 thread .Buck rail stuff is always first rate and a real value for the money .I’ll buy a couple more of these.

  16. Andrew Dowd (verified owner)

    CAUTION: you can break these

    I wanted to give this seller 5 stars because they made my situation with a defective unit right very quickly, but I did want to share my experience.

    Do not attempt to over-crank this while screwing them on. It is plastic. I probably got a bum unit, but when I screwed this onto my walther parrus .177, it cracked at the bottom (seemingly from being over torqued). So just be mindful when attaching. I got a refund right away, and ordered a replacement

    • Terry

      Thank you. Definitely a bad unit. I usually attempt to break them over my knee before I put them on the shelf, but I must have been resting my knee that day. I think in the future I’ll try to break them over my hard head when I’m giving my knees a break!

  17. Jerry McCotter (verified owner)

    This is the most recent product that I have bought from Buck-Rail. I have to say in all honesty it is just as good as everything else I have bought from Terry. It works so good that my wife didn’t even know that I was shooting in the garage. It takes the loud bark to a mild hand clap. I use it on a 2240 XL which I really like. I tested it with and without it and there is no change in accuracy.

  18. Kevin (verified owner)

    On my 2240XL I had a TKO suppressor. I started getting a little pellet deflection. Someone mentioned the Buck Rail suppressor. Got one. Pellets are dead straight, and it is as quiet , or maybe a tad quieter than the TKO ! Solid

  19. Skruffy (verified owner)

    Superb sound deadening! Not only does this seriously quiet up the 2240, it also fits a few other airguns that I own. And it does an amazing job on all of them. I highly recommend picking up as many of these as you can. There are plenty of adapters available to turn your straight barrel into a threaded end that will receive this suppressor. Good job Terry!

  20. John (verified owner)

    Absolutely freaking amazing! Was sceptical but the reviews looked good so I gave it a shot. Shipping was very quick. Mounted this on a Benjamin Cayden. This gun is loud. After installing all I hear is the hammer releasing. I am a believer.Buy this you won’t regret it. From one vet to another-Thank you.

  21. Mark Stephan (verified owner)

    I used the silencer yesterday and compared it to my TKO for my Crosman 2240XL and it is just as quiet for 1/3rd the cost!

  22. Frank Gutowski (verified owner)

    Perfect, Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!
    Fast Free Shipping! Perfect!
    Fit Perfect!
    Looks Perfect!
    Weight Perfect!
    Works Perfect!
    How does it sound? Well the bolt release make as much sound as the discharge. Those are two distinct sounds on a Crosman 2240XL. Without it you can’t hear the bolt release because the gas discharge is so loud. With it it sound as if there were a -9DB suppression. That’s a lot. But don’t call me on it. I will measure it and report back.

    As others have said it is a great value for the money. Yes a $1-200 premium “moderator” will look better. I don’t buy for looks, not that this looks bad. It does look good.

    It’s exactly what I would expect from a Brother Veteran. Thank you for your service and this piece of kit.

  23. gc (verified owner)

    these work much better than expected. size is between a tanto and koi. the metal thread inserts work great.
    makes my modified 1377 SILENT

    shipped within HOURS of ordering!!!

  24. JD (verified owner)

    Okay, I admit I was tad skeptical, I mean when all the famous ‘units’ are a lot more dinero, made of metal, look fancy, etc., how was this one going to work? I have just a single description for this product: Amazing AF! Wow, simple and effective. Best deal anywhere? I’m getting another one before they wise up!

  25. Tom Butler (verified owner)

    Light weight, effective at noise reduction, steel insert, all combine to make a nice LDC for a good price. If I need more this is the place I will buy them.

  26. Joe (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this silencer. Fits on the Crosman 2240XL very nicley, reduces noise level to virtually zero. Light weight, made well. Great value for the money.

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