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New Products and Other News 10/10/23

DonnyFL QD Adapters

We’ve just added quick disconnect suppressor adapters from DonnyFL. These will allow you to turn your Tatsu, Tanto, Sumo, Koi, etc. into QD suppressors. Check those out here: Old Mod QD Adapters Not only are these just plain cool, but this will also help to ensure your suppressor is clocked the same every time you reinstall or move from airgun to airgun. Speaking of airgun to airgun, we’ve also added the threaded QD adapters for if you have multiple airguns that you’d like to use the same QD suppressor on. Check those out here: Male QD Adapter Only

We’ll also be adding the new JTS Airacuda threaded adapters and their new Ryu and Yokozuna suppressors. Stay tuned for that.

Checkout Changes

From now on our customers will be required to enter a phone number at checkout. In the early days I required phone numbers. I got a few complaints here and there so I eventually made it optional. That has created some issues for us. We need a phone number for international orders for customs clearance and we need phone numbers so that we can call folks and confirm an order if fraud warnings are triggered by our payment processor, If you’re in the US and not comfortable giving your phone number you can enter random digits. If the order is suspicious (mismatched billing information, etc.) and we cannot reach you we will cancel the order and refund. If it is an international order and an invalid phone number is given we will cancel the order and refund. We do not sell your information and use it in no other way than fulfilling orders. Thank you for your understanding!

UX Origin

The Umarex Origin Tactical design is well underway. I already have the handguard dialed in (It’s an Avenger Handguard for two tubes instead of three) and I’ll place an order for grip adapter prototypes soon.

P-Rod Kits

I have the first P-Rod prototypes in hand. There are some minor changes to be made, but I was able to hand work this one to get it fitted up. It’s a big improvement over the original design. It is more durable, more functional, and has a much improved finish. Just need to remove a little material here and there, order prototypes, test etc. and we’ll be good to go.

A Joke With Promise

I was disappointed when we started the Beeman Marshall Carbine kits and got word from Beeman that they would have to sell us the Marshalls with the chonky wood grips installed. I moved forward anyway and figured we’d find a use for the grips. As our collection built up my sister made a joke that we should turn them into bookends and sell them. As I tend to do sometimes I took the joke very seriously and gave it a shot. I posted some pictures on social media and a friend of ours gave them a name. I present to you Buck Rail’s Buckends:

This will help us keep the price for the Beeman Carbines down, produce less waste, and offer a unique product for the well read airgunner. I already have a few of the plates cut, bent and anodized. I’m just waiting on some threaded inserts and screws to come in and I’ll be ready to list these.

Speaking of the well read, thank you for taking the time to read this little newsletter. If you’ve made it this far, this part is for you. For personal reasons, I’ll be slowing down a bit for the rest of the year. I’ll finish up a few of the projects that I’m currently working on and then focus on keeping up with manufacturing and order fulfillment. I expect I’ll need to conserve my energy for this holiday season anyway. Early next year I’ll be focused on moving my family and the business to a place that will allow us a little more room to work with as both family and business have outgrown the little space we’re in.

I still have a lot of big plans and ideas that I’d like to bring to market. I’ll keep chipping away at it. Thank you for your business, your support, and for the opportunity to serve you. It’s not taken for granted and we’ll keep working hard to earn it.


Terry Harman

25 thoughts on “New Products and Other News 10/10/23

  1. I’m ready for a tactical upgrade for my Airacuda Max.

    1. Hello David. That one has been moved down my list unfortunately. The Airacuda standard kit was the least successful product release we’ve had and it about broke us.

  2. Always great to get these Newsletters from y’all. You provide great products and service to us all…………..BUT, you also need to keep Family first and us second. We all can wait, as hard as it may be at times lol. Thanks for all you do for us!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Mr. Gordie!

  3. P-rod kit waitlist?

    1. Hello Martin. I don’t have a waitlist for the P-Rod kit, yet. Once I get it listed I’ll share the listing and folks can sign up to be notified of availability. I’ll share that in a newsletter in a couple of weeks. I should have the grip adapters in a week or so and will start working on pictures and listing, etc. If all goes well we should be ready to ship within a month.

  4. I have been waiting for a tactical stock for the origin when will the full kit be available

    1. Howdy George. I apologize for the delay. I just ordered the first prototype grip adapters. I should have that in hand in a week or so. There is a custom machined bracket that I’m waiting on as well. If all goes well with testing those it should be a month to two months before they are released.

  5. Thank You so much for the excellent work at Buck-Rail

    1. Thank you for the kind words David!

  6. Would like to know when or if you’ll going to make a tactical kit for the airacuda max thanks for all you’ll news I really enjoy it

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Tommy. I’ve scrapped the plans to make the Airacuda Max kit. It is still an airgun I’d like to make accessories for, but I’ve moved it down my list a bit for a host of reasons.

  7. Warms my heart not to just box and forget the artful fermeture the originally came with the wonderful baseline concept.

  8. Well done sir ,well done

    1. Thank you very much!

  9. Your products are worth the wait. Thank you for your commitment

  10. Keep up the good work… at your own pace.

  11. Ordered and installed your double rail adapter to my Air Venturi Avanger 25 cal. Impact changed and that was expected. Very tight fit. Appears to be pushing the rifle barrel up and the pellets are now contacting your suppressor. Any thoughts appreciated.

    1. That could be. There’s very little space between the shroud and cylinder. If it’s pushing the barrel up then some material would need to be removed to get it to sit right. We usually run a half round bastard file over the material that fits between the tubes. We may not have taken enough off. Another issue could be that it’s twisted to the left or right and it needs to be rotated to get the shroud aligned properly. Just let us know what you need from us. If you need a new band, suppressor, etc. but through an email rather than here. You can email Chris at He’s the one that will get you a replacement or refund etc.

  12. Cool stuff Terry! Can’t wait for the Origin kit!

    1. Thank you Jason!

  13. Great update Terry! Excited about the P-Rod conversion!

    1. Thank you, Sir. Me too!

  14. Will the Umarex design you have planned also fit on the Nova Liberty/Vista models with the two tube ?

    1. Good question! I don’t own one to verify. But just from the looks of it I know the handguard won’t work as it has a larger diameter cylinder and it looks to be a little lower than the Origin cylinder. The grip adapter may work, but I’ll have to get ahold of one to confirm.

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