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Crosman 1077 3D Printed Silencer


Our latest Silencer is for the Crosman 1077 RepeatAir. This one really worked out nicely. It uses the same silencer and thread cap as the M4-177 with a custom adapter designed exclusively for the 1077. I just made this video with my eldest son. We had fun with it. In the video I show off the adapter CAD model, detail the installation, test fire it with and without the silencer, and say, “uuh” over 50 times. I’m workin’ on that last part. Thanks for lookin!

7 thoughts on “Crosman 1077 3D Printed Silencer

  1. Hey guys, y’all are appreciated. Ive got a Crosman DPMS SBR fully automatic/single/safe mode assault BB gun all decked out now, but need another suppressor, where mine was actually meant for airsoft guns. Wich suppressor will cut down mechanical noise level outta the barrel when shooting,thanks again ???

  2. Man the difference is night and day. Although i must say that out of all the rifles I personally own, the 1077 is definitely on the quiet end. That silencer literally mutes it. That’s amazing.

  3. Terry I ordered both suppressors the m4-177 and the 1077. I’ve installed on the m4 and really like the fit and performance .I’m trying to modify the 1077 to accept a day glo rod like on the original sight. Please keep up the great work your doing ! I look forward to purchasing more of your products.

  4. For the barrel inside since you take off the fiber optic maby you should modify that adapter that can help the barrel to stay in place like a tube attached to the adapter so that way it can guide and secure the barrel without worrying about breaking the adapter and damaging the barrel especially the silencer because i know for most people its not gunna be easy especially me because i know i can mess it up

    1. I like the tube idea. I think I could just make a small modification to the adapter that would accomplish the same thing. I’ll mess around with it and see what I can do. Thank you.

  5. Another winner Terry! I gotta have one. Love the look on your face when the camera pans around! Lol I wouldn’t even have noticed the “uh’s” if hadn’t mentioned it ? Great work man

    1. Thanks Jason! Yeah, I didn’t even notice until my boy pointed it out. You can’t unhear it, lol.

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