The RRUBR Red Ryder Under Barrel Rail

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Red Ryder Under Barrel Rail

  • Mount a Bipod, Laser, Flashlight, etc. under the barrel of the Daisy Red Ryder
  • Compatible with most 21mm Weaver or Picatinny Accessories
  • Easy to mount and comes with everything you need
  • 2-Piece clamp grips the gun firmly and will not move
  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in US
  • 3d printed in black ABS in Texas

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Use this adapter to mount a flashlight, laser, folding bipod or other picatinny accessories to the Daisy Red Ryder. This rail is 21mm and works with most picatinny or weaver accessories. It is 3D printed in the US and, more specifically, in my garage in Texas. It uses 2 Stainless Steel cap screws and nuts to clamp very securely to the small tube under the Daisy Red Ryder barrel.

It has a chamfered side that allows you to clamp the adapter all the way back against the Red Ryder forearm grip, but you can mount it at any point along the smaller tube under the barrel. It is very easy to install and comes with the allen key you need to tighten the screws. Since it is made out of plastic, it will not damage the finish of the gun and allows your accessories to really “bite” when clamped.

Additional information

Weight.6 oz
Dimensions2.25 × 1.25 × 1 in

6 reviews for The RRUBR Red Ryder Under Barrel Rail

  1. Trenton (verified owner)

    Probably the coolest $12 I’ve ever spent, hands down. Used it to mount this small flash light I had to my red rider for night shooting. I Would like to buy another one when available, (For a bipod) and I’m looking at the picatinny rail mount as well!

  2. Jack Booth (verified owner)

    I promise I have no Affiliation with Buck-Rail, but I have purchased quite a few of his products and I’m a big fan.

    I bought this to try as a flashlight mount on My Rossi 45 Colt. Before that happened my new Crosman 362 came in and I needed a mount for it. It worked out great.

    My yard is full of sweet guns trees and the spiny little seed pods make great targets as they hang from bare winter trees. I’ve hammered a few hundred of them with this rig.

  3. Andy Robertson (verified owner)

    Easy to put on

  4. David M (verified owner)

    Cute little product for a cute little rifle.
    I have magnum springers and many other “big shooters”
    The old red ryders are still great fun.. Fix up an old one or Jazz up a new one!
    People laugh at the scope the sling the bi pod, till you start hitting stuff that they cant!
    Awesome product this and a adult stock are a MUST HAVE FOR ME!
    Build the product.. people will come..

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    Amazing as always. Fitment is great and all hardware/tools are included. Such a cool product

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    My daughter wanted her little pink Red Ryder BB gun easier to shoot. So chopping down the Butt-stock didn’t fix the problem because of the weight in front. I tried every form of clamp and rigging to get a set of my Bipods to work underneath her little BB gun but everything failed. I came across this online, made my purchase and not even 2 full days later I had this perfect little mount on the BB gun. Fits like a glove and works amazing! Fast shipping and perfect little attachment. And this all was completed about 20 minutes ago. I’m so pleased I had to give an immediate review. Thank you guys!

    • Terry

      Thank you for the feedback Chris! We’re pleased that you’re pleased! I’d love to see a picture of her setup if you’re up to it! You can email me at We appreciate your business!

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