Crosman 1377/1322 Plumper Pumper

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  • 3D printed in black ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business.
  • Thicker and taller than the stock pump handle, yet only weighs 3 oz.
  • Reduces pinched fingers and increases ease of pumping.
  • Quieter pumping action due to solid construction.
  • Available with honeycomb texture to match our Crosman grips.
  • Easy installation only requires phillips screwdriver.
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This pump handle is wider and taller than the stock pump handle. It was designed to be more ergonomical while also being economical, yet not comical…. I think it’s better. It improves the feel significantly, reduces pinched fingers, and increases the ease of pumping; all without significantly changing the look of your 13XX. Something else to note about this pump handle is that it is WAY quieter than the stock pump handle. I’m sure that is something that is common with all solid pump handles, but it is worth mentioning for those who are concerned about keeping the noise down.

It is 3d printed from ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business. It will not be as elegant as wood pump handles, but will certainly be an improvement on the form, fit, and function of the stock pump and much cheaper than the wood pumps. P.S. I think the wood pumps are great and highly recommend them, but recognize that some folks aren’t willing to make that sort of investment. This is for them…

I’ve also added a honeycomb pattern to match our Crosman grips. You can choose from smooth or honeycomb patterned before adding to your cart. You can find the grips here:

Watch the video below for installation instructions:

I’ve had a few folks ask if this pump handle works with 13XX models with roll pins instead of screws. I have not tried it myself, but have had a customer report that it worked with his older model 13XX with roll pins.

Thanks for lookin’


Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions7.25 × 1.75 × 1.5 in

Smooth, Honeycomb Pattern

17 reviews for Crosman 1377/1322 Plumper Pumper

  1. Franklin Cariaga (verified owner)

    Terrible customer service. Attempted to call and sent email to Chris several times and no response.

    • Terry

      Frank, my fellow Texan and Houstonian, I’ve looked into this and hope you’re satisfied with the resolution we discussed on the phone this fine Monday morning. I work most of my waking hours 7 days a week, but we do not answer emails or phone calls on the weekend or after normal business hours. I understand that you were trying to catch us on Sunday before we shipped your package on Monday, but even if we didn’t get back to you before it shipped we would have shipped you another or refunded you without question when we got to your inquiry. I’d like the record to reflect that you attempted to contact us on the weekend and your expectations weren’t met because they were unrealistic. As long as I have real American human beings working for me we will only answer on Weekdays and will get back to your emails in the order that they are received. Over and out.

  2. Joseph Boothe (verified owner)

    Like all Buck Rail products. Your only regret is not buying them. Don’t be afraid to invest money into airguns.

  3. Tyler (verified owner)

    This grip is such a huge improvement over the stock unit that it’s no contest. The combination of added width and depth are perfect. I honestly didn’t expect it to make as much of a difference in pumping effort/comfort as it did. I knew it would be an improvement but, it exceeded my expectations by miles! Absolutely love it! This is how the guns should have come from the factory!

  4. Glenn Bury (verified owner)

    I didn’t care for the pump handle on my new 1322. This is the perfect solution, it’s a lot nicer to pump and fits the look of the gun. Install took about five minutes, everything fit and lined up perfectly. I’ll probably be ordering another for my older 1377

  5. Derek D (verified owner)

    Pumper fits 1322 perfectly! I put a thin piece of adhesive backed hd foam in pumper, right by trigger area, nice and quiet now. If the foam is too thick it won’t lock out though. 10x better than the stock crosman which is complete junk. I also have the Hawkeye sight with scope mounts and the older fat style suppressor. All are worth the $$ and more!

  6. Eric Thorsell (verified owner)

    A must have. The texture from the 3-d printing helps also. When I ordered this and the suppressor for my 1322 it shipped the same day. Better yet it shipped within 3 hours of me hitting the send button!!! Already looking to buy more stuff!!

  7. Mike

    The Plumper Pumper is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I didn’t mind the look of the stock 13XX grips and forearm, but I didn’t like how plasticky they felt and sounded. After upgrading to the steel breech and adding some walnut pistol grips, the stock forearm made the gun look incomplete (and I still disliked that plasticky feel/sound whenever I handled it). I kept searching the internet and thinking, “why isn’t anyone 3D printing affordable, solid plastic forearms for these guns?!”

    Enter the Plumper Pumper!

    Although it’s still plastic, the added size and solid construction of the Plumper Pumper make it look and feel much more appropriate with the other upgrades. I’d humbly suggest that using an even heavier grade of plastic would further improve the feel, but at $18 (and free shipping) I’m definitely not complaining about the current version! Thank you!

  8. Joshua Barry (verified owner)

    Best aftermarket pump grip I’ve found yet. I have an assortment of crappy ebay 3D printed ones that either don’t fit correctly or are just junk.
    Plumper pumper for the win.

  9. Mark (verified owner)

    Install can be done by a six year old. Just don’t over tighten. Definite upgrade as it is easier to pump and you don’t have worry about your palm fat getting pinched. At first I thought the design shape was not as sexy as stock, but I’ve come to like the muscular look.

  10. Doug Downie (verified owner)

    Excellent product as always.Makes pumping easier.Very nice modification to my 1322.

  11. Jeffery Sullivan (verified owner)

    I just spent a half hour testing this new pump handle out and I must say, it definitely makes pumping easier. Also, IMO it looks better on my 1377 than the stock handle.

    I’m working to make my 1377 a good “backyard gun” with as few mods as possible and this is definitely a step in the right direction. Very pleased.

  12. Kevin (verified owner)

    This Forearm is a Game Changer !! So much easier to pump my pumper

  13. Jim (verified owner)

    Easy and effective modification. Looks good and functions great. Thank you for making such a helpful and inexpensive item to make pumping my 1377 easier.

  14. PJ (verified owner)

    I’m a fan of the sleek design of the OEM pump handle, so I was worried about making the switch for cosmetic reasons. HOWEVER, I was pleasantly surprised that the larger handle offset any concerns about the look. After using the buckrail handle for a shooting session, I picked up one of my other 13xx guns and the improvement became clear. Not only is it easier to pump, the 3-d printed texture provides a positive griping surface. I will probably be ordering more of these when Terry gets back from vacation! One thing I did notice is that the “pop” sound when pumping is louder with this handle. I might try and put some rubber tape over the pump tube to insulate the impact better. I wanted to mention this in case a design change could be made with an insert that dampens the impact. But regardless, this handle is still worth it as-is. Also thanks for keeping prices affordable!

  15. Randy Evans (verified owner)

    Received this a few weeks back. Just got around to mounting it, and trying it out. As always your products are just great. Made for much easier pumping on my 1322. Aesthetically I think it looks better too. Keep up the great work. I’m hoping that you can come up with a quick detachable shoulder stock in the near future.

  16. Steve (verified owner)

    Another great Buck Rail Success!!!!!. My 1322 had the standard foregrip and I have “bitten” the skin in my palm by my thumb a few times with the skimpy thing. I had purchased other stuff from BR before so I already had confidence this was going to work better. It DOES!!!! it’s a much fatter grip and the 3D printing produces very slight “ridges” which in this case are actually most beneficial as it improves the grip no end. I also like this feels a far better and solid product than the original. I’ve long had problems pumping this pistol to the max 10 as the original grip is so uncomfortable. I found this a breeze to now max pump. Thank you!!!

  17. Mark Harlacher (verified owner)

    I’ve bought two of Terry’s products so far, 1322 suppressor/adapter. And this new pump handle. His products are well designed, manufactured, packaged/shipped, and his customer service is bar none. Truly a great guy and person. Keep the new ideas coming. I’m still hoping on a gravity feed magazine for the 13XX pistols/carbines

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