Crosman ICON Barrel Band


Crosman ICON Barrel Band

  • Adds a 21mm accessory mount to the Crosman ICON
  • Choose from single bottom rail or triple rail (One on bottom and one on each side)
  • Can be used to mount a Laser, Flashlight, Bipod, etc.
  • 3d printed in ABS plastic in the US by a veteran/family-owned business
  • FREE SHIPPING within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS.


This mount is designed exclusively for the Crosman ICON. The undermount picatinny rail allows you to mount a laser, flashlight, bipod, or other 21mm accessory. It is 3d printed in ABS plastic in one piece. It uses two stainless steel socket cap screws and nuts to clamp tightly onto the air tube and barrel without damaging the airgun. It is available with a single bottom rail or with the additional side rails. Just choose your option before adding to cart.

To install:

  1. Remove the knurled thread protector on the end of the muzzle by turning CCW.
  2. Remove the front sight post. It slides off with a little persuasion from a hammer (use block of wood to keep from damaging the sight).
  3. Ensure Barrel Band screws are loosened. Align with barrel and air tube and slide down enough to reinstall front sight post.
  4. Re-tighten Barrel Band screws  until snug.

PLEASE NOTE: I designed the barrel band holes to match the distance between barrel and air tube at the receiver, but my ICON, and I assume others, have barrels that are not parallel to the air tube and angle upward, increasing the gap toward muzzle exit. You may need to pull down on your barrel slightly to get it to align. I have not had any issues with accuracy from doing this on my own, but understand if other folks don’t want to do that. The solution is to not buy it or modify it to suit you. Thank you.

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Single Accessory Rail, Triple Accessory Rail


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