Crosman 1377/1322 Adjustable Stock and Adapter

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  • Everything you need to add an adjustable stock to your 1377 or 1322.
  • Adjusts from 11″ to 14-1/2″ length-of-pull. Suitable for kids and adults.
  • Buffer tube 3d printed in ABS in the USA by a veteran-owned business.
  • FREE Shipping within the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS.


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This kit includes everything you need to convert your Crosman 1377 or 1322 into a custom carbine. The kit includes a 4140 steel machined black-oxide coated adapter, 3d printed “buffer tube” bolt, and adjustable buttstock.

The stock can quickly be adjusted from an 11″ to 14-3/4″ length-of-pull. The buffer tube is 3d printed in ABS by a veteran-owned business in the USA. The adapter is machined by an American manufacturer. The adjustable stock is sourced from a Chinese manufacturer, but is of very high quality for the price.

This is compatible with a stock 1377 or 1322 with or without a steel breech. Note that you will no longer be able to use the stock iron sights with this stock. If you have a steel breech I recommend you use a scope with tall scope rings. Both of our scopes come with these. Our Picatinny mounts with a Red Dot is a perfect combination with this stock.

Choose “without buttstock” when adding to your cart if you don’t want the buttstock included in this kit. The buffer tube is compatible with MILSPEC buttstocks.

Installation is the same as for the 2240 stock kit. The link to the 2240 adjustable stock installation can be found here:

If you cannot get the screws to align with the screw holes in the adapter you may need to remove the buttstock and loosen the long bolt that goes through the stock tube, reinsert the steel adapter, install the stock screws, then retighten the long bolt.

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With Standard Buttstock, With Minimalist Buttstock, Without Buttstock

10 reviews for Crosman 1377/1322 Adjustable Stock and Adapter

  1. Joseph Boothe (verified owner)

    A must have. I have $1,000 into a 1377. I would have never done without the availability of the plumper pumper and AR- butt adapter. Yes 3d ABS but solid the interesting texture of 3d I really seam to enjoy a lot. MIST OF ALL Buck Rail puts swells and curves in proper displacements with the shooters best interests in mind like a Italian Manelli stock designer. Thank you more than thanks can offer. I can’t seam to upload pictures of how good Buck rail made the 1377, 2240 look.

  2. Kevin

    a little custom 1377. the Stock really tied it together . Solid !

    Crosman 1377/1322 Adjustable Stock and Adapter
  3. Erik (verified owner)

    Thanks for a great product and a very reasonable cost! I ordered the minimalist stock/buffer tube kit for my 1377. Installation was easy and fit was perfect. Delivery was quick, I ordered it on a Friday at noon and it arrived in the mail on Tuesday. I like it so much that I might have to buy a 1322 and modify it too! Thanks again.

  4. TImothy (verified owner)

    I have to say that I’ve had a heck of a lot of fun with this, my 1377, and a 3D printer. While I printed most of my own parts, my inexpensive printer isn’t reliable printing ABS, and machining a one-off metal adapter is a great deal of work. A good gunsmith knows which parts to buy and which to build.

    No flaws, locks up tight, and makes a good fitting and good looking base for an adjustable stock. It is more comfortable to shoot over than the Crosman stock, which many people find is too long for comfort and proper form.

  5. Terry (verified owner)

    Shipped to the house in 4 days. I ordered the minimal stock. It took just a few minutes to swap out the original back plate, and install the stock. Mine adjusts easily, and has no slop or wiggle between the buffer tube and stock. I put lock tight on the screws holding the stock to the gun, and it’s on there solid. It looks great on the gun, and my eye lines up perfect with my UTG Bug Buster scope. I also bought the silencer, and the two really look great together.

  6. Renowntwo (verified owner)

    Great product. Thanks for offering it to us. I’ve been building on the 1377 for over 7 years and now I’m almost complete thanks to buck rails. Over the course of seven years I’ve seen and tried several types of stocks but nothing that I liked but this one is here to stay. You want be sorry if anyone ordered this product.

  7. Michael Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Another must have, I was super surprised 😮 that it shipped the same day I ordered it, this collapsible stock helps with tightening up groups and makes it easier for the grandkids to shoot, another product that I am glad to say I ordered from buck-rail, thanks for great products and for your service sir

  8. Joshua Barry (verified owner)

    Was like a kid on Christmas when I saw this available. Bought without thinking twice.
    So glad I did. It’s everything I ever thought an adjustable stock for the 13xx would be.
    Easy to install and so comfortable with the butt pad.
    Quality design and construction. Such a super cool upgrade for these.

  9. Jeffery Graham (verified owner)

    Love it! Easy to install, much sturdier than I was expecting. This plus the larger forearm makes it much more enjoyable to shoot. I got my 1322 from the custom shop so I’m having to buy grips elsewhere. Wish I could have gotten them here. A stock/forearm/grips package would be a nice combo. Awesome product. What next to buy, hmmm…..

  10. Daniel Atalig (verified owner)

    Just received this in the mail today and installed it, It’s Awesome and a must buy if you have a 1377 or 1322 American Classic, Great Quality/Craftsmanship, makes the air rifle look like a AR platform with the buttstock! I’ve purchased alot of custom parts here for the air rifle/pistols listed and always impressed of design and quality!

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