Crosman 2240 Minimalist Fixed Buttstock

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Crosman 2240 Fixed Minimalist Stock

  • 3d printed in ABS in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Reinforced with steel bolt. Unique mounting system removes all play
  • Minimalist design. Clean, simple, compact, and affordable
  • Comes with all you need (except tools) to convert your pistol to a carbine
  • FREE shipping within the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS

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This started as a custom request from a long time customer. I liked it so much, I decided to develop it and offer it to other folks as well. I hope you like it as much as I do.

This listing is for a minimalist fixed buttstock for the Crosman 2240. It includes the stock, steel adapter, bolt, two hard polymer buttpads, and installation hardware. You’ll need a 7/16 socket with extension to install.

It installs much like our adjustable stock tubes. You’ll replace the OEM hammer spring cap with a custom machined steel cap with a threaded boss. The 3d printed stock slips over this new part and a 6 inch long 1/4 inch bolt threads through the stock into the steel boss. As the bolt is tightened down it locks the stock in place and removes any possibility for play while also reinforcing the polymer stock. This stock does not move, wiggle, or wobble.

The two buttpads are removeable and interchangeable. One is longer than the other for some slight adjustment in LOP.

Please Note: The length-of-pull is 14-15 inches, depending on what buttpad you select. This LOP is not suitable for kids. If you need a youth LOP I suggest our adjustable stock. Also, this stock will not work with iron sights as the comb height is inline with the barrel.

To install:

  • Ensure you airgun is unloaded, uncocked, and in safe
  • Remove the hammer spring retention cap. There are two screws. One through the breech in the top and one on the bottom behind the grip.
  • Keep the spring in place and insert the new adapter in place of the OEM cap.
  • Align screw holes and reinstall screws removed in step two.
  • Align stock to your liking and then tighten up bolt in the rear of the stock. Use a 7/16″ socket with extension for this.
  • Install your buttpad of choice using the supplied M3 screws and 2.5mm allen key. Do Not Overtighten. Just snug enough to not move.

Also, refer to this video for a similar installation that you may find to be helpful:

This one is important as well:

Additional information

Weight 0.6875 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 1.5 in

3 reviews for Crosman 2240 Minimalist Fixed Buttstock

  1. William EllisVerified Owner
    Well Made
    Fits great, looks great.
    Crosman 2240 Minimalist Fixed Buttstock photo review
    Jon BrammerVerified Owner
    Another excellent Buck Rail product
    I have several other Buck Rail products on different air gun platforms: suppressors, folding stocks, and the honeycomb grips and fore ends. I was look...More
    I have several other Buck Rail products on different air gun platforms: suppressors, folding stocks, and the honeycomb grips and fore ends. I was looking for a shoulder stock for a 2240 custom build, and I liked the look of the minimalist version. The choice of different butt plates to adjust length of pull is a great option. After trying out each one, I went with the thinner pad, and now I have a light, compact carbine that is darn near silent. It is my go to pellet rifle for accuracy, stability, and convenience.
    George AbramsVerified Owner
    Crosman 2240 stock
    This item is amazing way better than the 1399 stock easy to get on target faster in enhances look definitely recommend
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