Daisy 880 and 901 Suppressor Kit

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Daisy 880 and 901 Suppressor Kit

  • Designed and 3D Printed in ABS in the US by a veteran/family-owned business
  • Adapter designed exclusively for the Daisy Powerline 880. Also works with 901.
  • Easy install. Doesn’t require any modification to the stock airgun
  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS 2-5 day mail

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This kit includes a threaded clamping adapter, silencer, and thread protector. The silencer adapter was designed exclusively for the Daisy Powerline 880 and 901. I’ve been surprised to see all the requests for this silencer and I hope I’ve done it justice. The adapter doesn’t require any modifications to the airgun. It just slides onto the barrel shroud and clamps on with two stainless steel socket cap screws and nuts. It uses the same threaded silencer and air stripper as our Crosman 1077, M4-177, and 13XX kits. The silencer includes 7 cone-shaped internal baffles. If you’d like to shoot without the silencer you can install the faux stripper as a thread protector. I will post an installation and test video soon!

To install:

  • Ensure adapter socket cap screws are loosened
  • Slide adapter onto barrel shroud while aligning slot with front sight post until bottomed out
  • Use the included hex wrench to tighten the cap screws on the adapter
  • Thread on the silencer or thread protector as desired

Additional information

Weight2.4 oz
Dimensions5.75 × 2.25 × 1 in

6 reviews for Daisy 880 and 901 Suppressor Kit

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Awsome attachment for the Daisy 880 & Badass look for the rifle, reduse sound for backyard plinking or eleminating pests at night, I’ve ordered other attachments for my other pellet gun the American Classic. 22 does not disappoint! Buck Rail is a Trusted seller & Artistic Crashmenship highly Recommended!

  2. DOUG DOWNIE (verified owner)

    Last night I dropped a rat by the coop with a 880.The shot in an otherwise silent evening got dogs going along our rural road.Received the silencer today,tried a trial shot and wow,what a difference.That little thing does a great job.The only thing a bit off was the inability to completely thread the silencer to the barrel mount.Initially,it barely went on at all but I sprayed a shot of PAM on the threads and got it at least 3/4 of the way.Other than that.great add on.

  3. Jeffery Sullivan (verified owner)

    This silencer attaches nicely – way better and more securely than some other brands I’ve seen out there – and does a good job of reducing the noise output of the rifle. It actually looks good on the rifle, too!

    I’ve tested this on both my Daisy 880 and my 901. It fits both just fine. I’ve not tried it on my Powerline 35, but I’m *guessing* that it will fit that rifle too since they all three use the same sight insert and barrel configuration. Another plus for this suppressor’s design.

    Another win for Terry and Buck-Rail!

  4. John R Barringer

    Making some measurements, it appears that this will fit some other rifles, like the Crosman the 2100 (1st variant with tapered barrel) and the Beeman QB78. There may be others as well. These are just the ones I have.

  5. Gerald McCotter (verified owner)

    I installed one of these on one of my Daisy 880’s. I have to say I am really impressed with the sound reduction. I probably should not have been surprised because everything I have bought from Terry has been top notch. Many silencers, barrel bands picatinny rail mount and a scope.

  6. Steve (verified owner)

    Easy install and working great on my 901. Got my eyes on a few others now!

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