Crosman 1377/1322 Silencer

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Crosman 1322/1377 Silencer

  • Designed specifically for the Crosman 1322/1377
  • Replaces the plastic cap at the end of the barrel
  • Requires removal of the roll pin and pump handle
  • Designed and 3D printed in the USA
  • Ultra tough PA12 Nylon material
  • FREE and fast SHIPPING to anywhere in the US(usually ships same day)

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 These silencers are printed in Nylon PA12, which is an extremely tough material. They are printed by an American company using Multi Jet Fusion technology which uses lasers to melt Nylon powder. The finish is a really nice matte to satin black with a slight texture.

This 3D printed Silencer is specifically designed for the Crosman 1322 or 1377. It mounts inside the bottom tube and over the barrel by replacing the plastic end cap that came with the gun. This means that you will not have a front sight post once this is installed. You will need to mount an optic if you want to be able to aim… accurately. The Crosman intermounts, clevercraft rail, or our clamping rails(HERE) will make it so that you can mount a scope or other optic on this gun.

You will need, at least a hammer and phillips screwdriver for installation.

I’ve made a video of the installation and testing of this Silencer. I highly recommend that you watch it before purchasing. Watch it here: Crosman 13XX Installation and Test

Additional information

Weight1.5 oz
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 6.25 in

9 reviews for Crosman 1377/1322 Silencer

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Works even better than I expected. It took about ten minutes to install and fit perfectly. I’m running this on a 1377 with a steel breech kit, red dot sight, and the Crosman buttstock. The finish on the silencer is very similar in texture to the buttstock so it really looks good on the gun (carbine?). Sound? I hear the mechanics of the firing mechanism, and the pellet striking the target, but almost nothing else. Its Very Quiet.

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    WOW! just like the other reviewer said, works wayy better then I was expecting. Just as he said all you can head is the firing mechanism and pellet impact. I did have some dust coming out of it when firing after I installed it. I am guessing its from the 3d printing process. Not worth taking a star off by any means but blow it out with some air before you through it on the gun, it might help! BUY THIS YOU WONT REGRET IT!

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    I put it on my P1322 shot 5 rounds at my target 30 feet the pellets did not reach the target. I took it off and shot 5 more pellets and they all hit the target. The silencer to me takes away the air pressure to push pellet forward, they quickly drop in flight. I threw it away. Good if your going to shoot something at 5 feet or less.
    Looks good feels like a hardened styrofoam.

    • Terry

      Robert, I’m sorry you weren’t satisfied with the silencer. I’d like to refund you to make it right from our end. There are a lot of Roberts, so I need your order info or email. It’s a bummer you didn’t give me a chance to help you troubleshoot it before throwing it away. It is definitely not related to the air pressure behind the pellet once it has exited the barrel. The pellet is no longer in contact with anything but air at that point. Yours was most likely coming into contact with the silencer for some reason. Also, the material is Nylon. An extremely tough polymer that is used to make gears in industrial machinery etc.

  4. Steven P. (verified owner)

    This is very impressive. It is exactly what I was hoping for. Put it on my .22 and will purchase another for the .177 cal.

  5. Ken L.

    Just got my suppressor in the mail, arrived fairly quick and I was not disappointed. Thing looks good and was easy to install on my Crosman P1377 .177cal (had already swapped out the pumper pivot pin). Drastically reduced the sound. Before I would hear a “POP”, now I only hear the springs and the pellet impact! 😀 Its lightweight and already took a drop from about 3′ so i guess its pretty durable. Would definitely recommend to anyone with the Crosman P1377.
    *Be advised- you may have to zero in your sight after install of suppressor. I had mine perfect and after install I was marking a little high, couple clicks and right back on zero!

  6. John (verified owner)

    Got the complete setup for my 1322. Turned it into a real nightmare for the squirrels trying to eat my cars (long story). But the results are amazing. For me, I had to get used to a red dot sight, but once zeroed in, the accuracy is what I came to expect from the 1322. But the sound…How to describe it. It takes the shot from a ‘clap’ to a ‘snap’. If you are shooting at something hard, you will hear the hit louder than the shot. It really is amazing. Pumping is louder then shooting, for crying out loud. If you are a plinker with neighbors, it is a must have.

  7. Andrei (verified owner)

    Very good product! Watched a video on Utube, and ordered it for my 1322. Installation is easy, and it does work! Sound of pellet impact on target seems to be louder than sound of a shot. Definitely worth it, highly recommend it.

  8. Steve (verified owner)

    The 1322 was a piece of cake to fit (IF you have the correct size punch). Fitted tight and solid. The sounds reduction from 10 pumps was majorly obvious. The sound of the pellet hitting the steel trap was far higher. I also purchased the red dot and mount. I did have to remove the plastic space between the barrel and frame to fit the mounts but once the front sight was removed before adding the suppressor, this simply slid out anyway. For the money I’m totally astonished how great this is. The mounts are solid, the red dot, as cheap as it is, works great. Only took 3 or 4 pellets to sight in and hasn’t moved. Very impressed with the suppressor. For the price, heck can’t go wrong and it makes shooting indoors 1,000% better. BTW, I also fitted a Crossman stock to my 1322 at the same time… silly plastic thing cost MORE than the package here!!!! and I had to use a knife to clean up the stocks sharp edges on the grip etc…. Still, all told, makes the 1322 excellent for the backyard, the noise reduction clearly makes it far more “comfortable” shooting critters who trespass without alarming my neighbors. Hats off to you guys. Arrived very quickly. Highly recommend

  9. STEVE STAUB (verified owner)

    This worked far better than I expected. I own multiple Class 3 firearms suppressors so I have high expectations for even a simple 3D printed airgun suppressor. This is no joke. Cut the sound down at least by 80%. Fit tightly into barrel / pump arm cylinder.

    My only issue now is I need to remove some wood from my Steve Corcorcan made stocks for my 1322 / 1377.

    Crazy good / inexpensive product. It changed my mind about 3D printed items.

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