AirForce TalonP Suppressor


AirForce TalonP Suppressor

  • Designed exclusively for the AirForce TalonP. Easy Install. No adapter necessary.
  • 3D Printed in ABS plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business.
  • 8 interior baffles and an initial expansion chamber  greatly reduce the report.
  • Available in both .177/.22 and .25 caliber. Select your option before placing in cart.
  • FREE SHIPPING within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS.

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This suppressor was designed exclusively for the AirForce TalonP. It replaces the shroud cap and does not require an adapter or any extra hardware to install. It is 3d printed in ABS plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business. The suppressor significantly reduces the airgun report without breaking the bank. It includes an o-ring groove like the stock shroud cap, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference installed or not.

To install:

  • Loosen the top and bottom set screws that constrain the stock shroud cap
  • Remove the shroud cap
  • Insert the suppressor into the barrel shroud making sure to align the holes for the set screws
  • Tighten the set screws sequentially, switching from top to bottom until tight

Please note: The buttstock pictured above is not for sale. Thank you

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.177/.22 Caliber, .25 Caliber


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